We have received this video from Sole & Manuel showing how to make a hygienic face mask using a paper napkin.

Materials to use are quite simple:

  • 3 layered paper napkin 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 inches) These are big nakpins such as those from IKEA
  • Masking tape
  • 2 elastic ribbons 27-30 cm (11-12 inches)

Necessary tools:

  • Scissors
  • Punch-holes tool or whatever tool to drill the holes
  • Weight

NOTE: This face mask has not been tested accoding to any Standard so its use is under your own responibility. However, although effectiveness can not be guaranted it will always be better than wearing nothing.

Remember to put on and put off thr face mask following safety procedures and never touch the front part.


We have developed a method of manufacturing face shields with a minimum of materials that can be ordered online or bought in stationery stores that are open, that can be assembled in a minute or two and that we would like to share with you in case you feel like to make them and thus kill time of confinement.

This video shows the assembly in detail and below you have all the information you need to make them.

Here you have all the information regarding design and materials required to make your own faceshields.



You can get all materials online or at stationeries, exception made for the irrigation plugs. You can buy them at local irrigation systems stores or in large DIY stores.

  • Clear Binding Covers DIN A4 180-240 microns (Transparent screen)
  • Polypropylene Binding Covers DIN A3 500-700 microns (two bands for the faceshield structure)
  • Fasteners 10-12 mm (connectors) or irrigation / goof plugs 5 mm

Although it can delay a bit the assembly process, by using the plastic plugs rust is avoided when sterilizing the faceshield with water and bleach, since there are no metallic elements.

If you have access to a 3D printer, you may like to print yourself the fasteners using this file:

In case of using the metallic fasteners, alcohol is recommended for sterilization instead of water to avoid rust.

  • Rubber bands 180 mm


  • PEN


Cut the bands for the face shield structure 30 mm wide aprox
Drill according to indicated dimensions.

Mark centers of band type 1 and the clear binding cover and insert the connectors (plugs or fasteners)

Place band type 2 over type 1 by matching the second drill from the end of both pieces. Insert the connector to attach both pieces together. Next, roll on the end of band type 2 and match the first drill to fit the same connector. Press hard to fix it.
Repeat the process with the other end.
Finally, attach the rubber band by tying knots in the holes on both ends of piece type 1.
If you use irrigation plugs, use pliers to flatten the sharp points as to avoid injuries.
Place your forehead in the inner band and then put the rubber band around your head and adjust it

We invite you to do as many as you can and donate them in Senior Centers, Outpatient Clinics, Hospitals, Cleaning Staff, Orderlies, Police and Armed Forces, Shopkeepers, , Delivery Men, Transporters, Cashiers and other employees at supermarkets. … In short, all those who are in the front line of battle. We have already delivered almost 200 in just one week.

Here you can download a pdf file with stickers to be printed and attached to the top right of the face shield in order to spread and publicize this website.

We also recommend you to use them yourself and your family in order to minimize infections.



This face shield is designed as an extra protection barrier against COVID-19 by preventing saliva droplets from reaching another person’s face when speaking, sneezing, etc.

This is a non-profit initiative and the proposed face shield lacks of any type of official approval nor certification, so you should not rely on 100% protection by using only this equipment.

The face shield is just one more complement to be added to the correct and adequate use of other approved PPE such as masks. This face shield does not substitute a mask.


Hello everyone

As you already know there is a need for personal protection material for people facing the COVID-19, and there are many initiatives where people are contributing with what they can, from sewing masks to printing face shields on their 3D printers.

In this blog we would like to reflect our ideas and all those contributions that could help to combat the pandemic.

Our grandparents and some parents lived through a war, we have only been asked to stay at home with plenty of time to kill. Let’s take advantage of it to help as much as possible.

Thank you all.

Montse and Pico


We want to thank and acknowledge all those who have participated in one way or another to make this project a reality.

Thanks to the “Solitary Draftsman” for his amazing graphics, to Pepe for the help with the hosting and the domain, to Juan de Dios, David, Fernando, Miguel Ángel, J.A. Chamorro, Ezequiel and all the other colleagues for their collaboration with the material, to the Ferrete-Moliní family for the batch of templates that have been cut by them, and of course to Jose, Pepon, Cheli, Luisi and Evelin; friends and family members, healthcare workers, who are still waiting on this hand and foot.

Without you, we could not have made it possible.

Thanks from our hearts.


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